Equipment Financing

June 13, 2014

Good Questions Asked Frequently – GQAF

Some scenarios or questions come up on a weekly basis and this is a good opportunity to share them with you here. If you think of others, please let me know. GQAF – How fast can my finance move because we’re in a big hurry. Answer – Usually the pacing […]
May 22, 2014

Lowest Cost Solar Financing

Financing a solar system can be a challenge since end-users and developers strive to match finance payments to energy savings within a specific term of the loan. For certain projects, an Operating Lease or Tax Lease may be the best solution. The end-user doesn’t get to keep the tax credit […]
April 27, 2014

What 100% Equipment Financing Means

There is a little confusion over what “100% financing” actually means. Client and vendors sometimes think it’s financing without any upfront costs to the customer. If this were true then it would be called “no upfront cost financing” but this is not the case. 100% financing actually means that it […]
April 14, 2014

Are You a Direct Lender?

The question, “are you a direct lender?” pops up from business owners with the idea that being a direct lender is going to get you a better deal. People think “direct” means there are no middle men which will increase the cost of funds. Once you understand the process and […]
February 10, 2014

The Key to Success: Access to Capital

For a business, access to capital is the determining factor to whether a business will survive or fail, expand or become stagnant or take advantage of opportunities or let game-changing chances just drift away. This is no exaggeration since statistics clearly show that most businesses fail because they simply run […]
December 19, 2013

Asset Based Lending – The Basics

Asset Based Lenders (“ABL Lenders”) look to tangible collateral to support their loans.  They are more flexible on cash flow and capital than traditional bank loans and will accept some losses and higher leverage than a bank. Higher rate (non-bank) ABL lenders can even overlook some (but not all) character […]
November 12, 2013

An Operating Lease Could be for YOU

What is an Operating Lease? It is one which has a fair market value buyout at the end of the term with the option to pay it or return the asset; an FMV buyout can be 15%-20% of the original cost. Finance wisdom has dictated if something becomes obsolete quickly […]
October 4, 2013

Financing Equipment: Not Brain Surgery

We know business owners who have not financed equipment and simply paid cash only to run short of money 6 months later; the main reason? They didn’t want to hassle with the finance process or felt it was too complicated. Yes, it does require gathering your financial data in some […]
August 16, 2013


Financing equipment in all markets is currently a bit of a moving target. Hard rules are constantly changing so guidelines are all we can hope for because underwriters are squeezed at the moment. The squeeze on one end for lenders is to minimize bad debt losses by financing to clients […]