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Welcome to First US Finance, your premier nationwide commercial equipment finance company. We specialize in bridging the gap left by traditional commercial lenders, ensuring capital is readily available to businesses of all sizes and industries across the United States.

We offer a comprehensive suite of financial solutions tailored to meet your business needs. From equipment financing and commercial loans to project financing, start-up funding, and working capital loans, we’ve got you covered. Our streamlined approval process sets us apart from traditional lenders, with no upfront fees or hefty deposits required.

At First US Finance, we pride ourselves on providing efficient, personalized service, designed to support your business expansion goals. Our hassle-free application process involves minimal paperwork, and our streamlined credit review ensures fast results. With same-day feedback on all applications, soft-pull credit reports to protect personal credit scores, and competitive terms, we make financing your business ventures a breeze.

There’s no cost to apply, so why wait? Contact us today and discover how First US Finance can help your company save money and achieve growth. Experience the difference firsthand – your success is our priority!

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What Our Clients Say…

Client - Tim Brown

“Lester was a great resource, always available with answers and guidance on the equipment financing process. We closed the loan within 2 weeks of filing our application. I recommend Lester & First US Finance to any business with financing needs. – TIM BROWN – Tim Brown Architecture”

Client - Larry Rutan

“First US Finance provided equipment financing for my entire theatre complex with new audio, video, LED lighting and seating and with better terms and rate than I had hoped for… I’m a lifetime client! Thank you.” – LARRY RUTAN – Zephyrhills Cinema

Client - Terry Norris

“I am whole heartedly thanking you for our solar project, it could not have been achieved to the level of greatness had it not been for you and First US Finance.” – TERRY NORRIS – Precision Instruments
(Support Letter)

Client - Alex Haiek

“I recommend Lester to all business owners looking for a solid provider of equipment financing. He’s extremely professional, knowledgeable and reacts quickly.” – ALEX HAIEK – Mortgage Officer

Equipment Leasing & Business Financing

First US Finance helps companies succeed by offering a variety of equipment financing solutions.

Clients: We work directly with private companies, business owners, equipment vendors, non-profits and brokers to provide equipment financing and commercial loans for every need.

Focus: We specialize in “A” to “C” credits and base our approvals on a complete business profile. If you need equipment financing, equipment leasing or a business loan; we will find a way to get you approved.

Types of Equipment for Leasing & Financing

computer networks

Computer Networks

Medical icon

Medical, Dental & Chiropractic Equipment

manufacturing icon

Manufacturing – Assembly Equipment

aircraft icon

Aircraft Financing – Business & Personal

led icon

LED Lighting Retrofits

commercial solar icon

Commercial Solar Systems

construction icon

Construction Equipment

audio video icon

Audio/Video Systems

Equipment financing is the practice of obtaining funding to purchase equipment needed to run a business. There are many benefits companies can enjoy by using equipment financing, including:


1) Preserving cash flow: Equipment financing allows companies to preserve their cash flow by avoiding the need to make large upfront payments to purchase equipment. This enables companies to maintain their liquidity and invest their cash in other areas of the business.

2) Maintaining credit lines: Equipment financing helps companies maintain their credit lines by not having to use their credit lines to purchase equipment. This can help companies avoid the risk of reaching their credit limit and facing penalties.

3) Fixed payments: Equipment financing typically involves fixed monthly payments over a specified period, which allows companies to budget and plan for their expenses more effectively.

4) Up-to-date equipment: Financing allows companies to acquire the latest equipment and technology without having to pay for it upfront. This can give them a competitive advantage by improving their efficiency and productivity.

5) Tax benefits: Companies may be able to deduct the full cost of equipment financing payments from their taxable income, which can help reduce their tax liability.

6) Improved cash flow forecasting: Equipment financing provides predictable monthly payments, which can make it easier for companies to forecast their cash flow and plan their expenses accordingly.

Overall, equipment financing can be an effective way for companies to acquire the equipment they need while preserving their cash flow, maintaining their credit lines, and enjoying other financial benefits.

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