Improved Vendor Program

One of the main areas we focus with our equipment financing and equipment leasing services is our Vendor Program. It was developed to help and support our vendors in growing their businesses through increased sales and market penetration. Through experience, we know a client’s confidence is increased when you offer a complete sales and business finance solution for your products and services. Proposing new equipment together with a simple way to finance it greatly enhances your ability to close more business and increase your profits. The auto industry has made an art of this fact; a majority of consumers will finance through the dealership where they make their purchase because of the ease and convenience, so why not follow this winning strategy within your company. It works great for our vendors – we’ve seen the results. We become your offsite finance company with a variety of equipment leasing and equipment financing solutions.

Benefits Include:

  • Perceived brand and status in the market is increased by offering a complete turnkey equipment lease solution
  • Increase in sales; reduce the resistance to a capital expense by offering monthly payments
  • Higher return on investment for your efforts; you will get more approvals for your sales proposals
  • Co-branded finance forms which will add to your market exposure
  • Priority in underwriting with dedicated lenders for our Vendor Program for faster equipment lease approvals
  • Webinar training of your sales team to help them understand the business lending process better
  • Online application form allowing your customers to easily apply for financing

Step by Step on How to Get Started

  1. Complete a basic Non Disclosure Agreement to protect both of our sharing of information.
  2. Complete a Vendor Profile Form so we have your base business information on file.
  3. Place a website link to us ( somewhere on your website.
  4. Provide your logo in JPG format with contact information so we can co-brand our business finance forms.
  5. Schedule a review of our guidelines and criteria; can be either one-to-one or webinar format. It is a brief summary of our business lending process.

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