Equipment Financing & Commercial Lending Examples
Typical Equipment Financed – First US Finance provides financing for a variety of technologies.

Business Financing Products

Equipment Financing, FMV Equipment Lease, Business Loans, Working Capital & Aircraft Finance

Working Capital Loans

Fast access to working capital… read more.

Capital Finance

The most popular equipment financing choice offered… read more.

Operating Lease – Fair Market Value Buyout (FMV)

Beneficial to businesses which finance equipment that becomes obsolete quickly… read more.

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) for Solar

20 to 25 year solar project financing for larger scale projects and non-profits… read more.

Aircraft Finance

Aircraft finance for personal or business use; finance new or used aircraft… read more.

Vendor Programs

Offering equipment leases & business loans will increase sales for all vendors… read more.

Specialty Equipment Financing: Business Loans & More

First US Finance funds projects, which other equipment financing and business lending companies avoid. We finance projects that include soft costs like software, wiring, installation and training. When credit is solid, soft costs can exceed 70% of the total business finance project. We finance special projects through direct equipment financing, equipment leasing, business loans, asset-based and commercial loans and lines of credit. We offer a wide variety of programs to access capital. Our projects include solar systems, LED lighting-retrofits, leasehold improvements and custom equipment financing including all Green Technology hardware. We offer solar financing for larger projects with extended terms which no other finance company can match.

Offering a variety of finance options can help business owners grow their companies in several ways:

Flexibility: Different businesses have different financial needs and constraints. By offering a variety of finance options, business owners can choose the option that best fits their specific situation, such as their cash flow, collateral, and credit score.

Access to capital: Business owners need access to capital to grow their companies. By offering a variety of finance options, business owners can access the capital they need to purchase equipment, hire employees, and expand their operations.

Lower costs: Different finance options have different costs, including interest rates, fees, and penalties. By offering a variety of options, business owners can choose the option that has the lowest costs, reducing their overall expenses and increasing their profitability.

Customization: Offering a variety of finance options allows business owners to customize their financing solutions to their specific needs. This includes selecting the terms and repayment schedules that work best for their business.

Diversification: Diversifying the sources of finance can help mitigate risks associated with over-reliance on a single lender. This can improve the company’s financial stability and resilience.

Improved cash flow: Different finance options have different repayment terms and schedules, which can help improve the company’s cash flow. This includes options such as equipment leasing or factoring, which may have lower upfront costs and more flexible payment terms.

In summary, offering a variety of finance options can help business owners grow their companies by providing flexibility, access to capital, lower costs, customization, diversification, and improved cash flow. This allows business owners to focus on their core operations and achieve their growth objectives.