equipment leasing

May 21, 2024

Why Financing Equipment Makes Sense for Business Owners, Even with Higher Interest Rates

In the current economic climate, interest rates have risen to levels we haven’t seen in years. Current prime rate is 8.50% which is what lenders use to set rates for loans, credit cards and lines of credit. Prime rates are usually 3% above the federal funds rate which is at […]
March 12, 2021


“I handle everything with cash…” Yes, I get it, I get it… I owned a small business too and there are many initial advantages of doing cash business. Everything might go okay for a while but what happens if or when you start to grow? Larger corporate clients don’t do […]
January 11, 2021

The Benefits of Financing Equipment as Opposed to Paying with Cash

All business financial decisions have to be made with one goal in mind; how will it benefit your business and your bottom line. Every expansion or replacement of equipment should make your operation more efficient and profitable. Here are a few things to consider. Conserve Your Cash and Working Capital– […]
February 10, 2020

Service and Success Go Hand in Hand

As business people we all produce a product or offer a service which we sell for a price and realize a profit. Our intention should be to gain a fair return based on how much time, expertise, energy and materials we have to invest in making our products. In the […]
August 17, 2019

Nobody Likes Paying Interest

We understand that completely; nobody likes paying interest, neither do we. It’s an emotional hot button for any business person when financing equipment or acquiring working capital. They feel it’s like money thrown away into thin air… or is it? Interest is the price you pay when using someone else’s […]
April 16, 2019

Cash Flow is King

Business owners often stress prior to submitting a request for new equipment financing. By the time we get an application we hear about all the things that has kept them up at night; personal credit score, business credit, seasonal or market slowdowns, lawsuits and ownership changes are among some of […]
March 7, 2019

Low Cost Working Capital for Start-Ups & Seasoned Businesses

It is well known that merchant capital loans are not inexpensive, often with rates in the teens and higher; but when emergencies hit, they come in handy. Getting capital from your existing equipment through a sale/leaseback also has its’ downside and will take some work by requiring certain documentation and […]
August 21, 2018

Start-up Capital – The Egg or the Chicken

We see many business ideas which project earning many thousands or millions of dollars in sales revenue and sometimes at a very fast pace. Typically, a group of individuals working in a specific market with years of experience conceive of a way to improve a process and or create a […]
May 23, 2018

Equipment Finance: Blind Date or Running for Office?

Applying for equipment financing or a working capital loan shouldn’t be like going on a blind date where you only tell the other person the best things about yourself and omit the not so stellar parts. The analogy for the application process should be more like running for public office […]