1960 Piper N6886P combo 12.5percent

First US Finance showed off its flexibility by approving and funding a 1960 Piper Comanche aircraft for Tim Brown, a Texas resident and owner of Tim Brown Architecture LLC, within a very fast 2 week timeframe. Many lenders take much longer and are also limited by the age of the aircraft they can approve due to the higher risk with older planes but we quickly overcame that age hurdle since the aircraft had been well maintained and certified for safety. We approved him at a very low rate for a 12 year term which made the payments fit nicely in his budget. It was a very smooth process since he was well organized and provided all the requested documentation; no liens were needed as the aircraft was the only collateral used which left his credit access open to borrow for other business needs. We can lend for small and larger aircraft for both personal and business needs up to a 20 year term. Our market also includes financing for solar systems, LED retrofits and all energy systems through capital and operating leases and Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).

1960 Piper N6886P 1